The NHL’s embarrassing big miss about Peter Forsberg – which makes fans lose it: “My God, what are you thinking!?”

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Who is the greatest Swede ever?
The NHL asked the question – but forgot an important detail.
“My God, what are you thinking!?”, writes an angry supporter.

Many years have passed since Peter Forsberg was forced to leave the NHL after problems with injuries, but he is not exactly forgotten. During his career, there were double Stanley Cup titles and loads of points and nice goals, and he is often mentioned in the discussion when talking about who is the best Swede of all time. Many also believe that Foppa is one of the most underrated players in the entire history of the NHL.

The anger after the loss

This is exactly why the NHL’s embarrassing miss becomes even more inexplicable. On its social media, the league’s official channel usually posts questions that lead to discussion. This weekend they posted a picture of a series of Swedes, with the text “who is the best Swede ever in the NHL?”. The fans then had to choose between Mats Sundin, Daniel Alfredsson, Börje Salming, Henrik Zetterberg, Nicklas Lidström and the Sedin brothers.

080301 Ice hockey, NHL, Colorado Avalanche: Peter Forsberg at press conference. © Bildbyrån

Well, surely someone is still missing? Peter Forsberg was not included as an option at all, which may seem extremely strange considering the enormous success he reaped in the NHL, and the enormous point harvest he was still responsible for. It also didn’t take long before fans realized the mistake, and were quick to raise their voices.

“Peter Forsberg is better than all the players in this picture. My God, what are you thinking!?”, writes one user.

Several players missing?

That Sweden has had many good hockey players throughout NHL history is a well-known fact, and there are many who believe that more players should have been included in the picture. By far the most comments are about Peter Forsberg – but many would also like to see players like Victor Hedman and Erik Karlsson included.

“Victor Hedman has been the most dominant back for a decade now,” writes one user.

“The disrespect towards Erik Karlsson is unbelievable. He single-handedly carried Ottawa to almost win the Stanley Cup, how many others had managed to do that?”, writes another.

971105 Ice hockey, NHL, Peter Forsberg, Colorado Avalanche © Bildbyrån

Several journalists and experts have also reacted to the fact that Foppa was completely left out, and many think it is a completely incomprehensible mistake. At the same time, many criticize the NHL and the favoritism of Canadian teams, and Swedes who have played in Canadian teams in particular. Of all the players mentioned in the picture, five out of seven players spent the majority of their careers in Canada.

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