The newest robot to undergo violence for testing was Biped Robot P1 [Video]

The newest robot to undergo violence for testing was Biped

The newest robot to undergo violence for testing Biped Robot P1 happened. The company behind this robot is said to be based in China. LimX Dynamics The company is located.

Since it does not have arms, we can call it a semi-humanoid robot. LimX Dynamics Signed Biped Robot P1 is an option that moves on two legs and can establish its balance very well on uneven terrain. The robot, which has attracted a lot of attention with the test video you can watch below, can withstand impacts very well, unlike some of its counterparts. Making another interesting demonstration for the future, P1 may become even more capable by gaining functional arms in the future.

Before that, Unitree H1, one of the ambitious options developed in China, made a splash as it was the first humanoid robot that could do a backflip without using hydraulics. Unitree H1, It has attracted attention in recent months as the newest option that stimulates the competition in the field. When the model was launched on the market according to the previous statement It can be purchased for approximately 90 thousand dollars. H1, which is announced to be 180 cm tall and weighs 47 kg, can carry a load of 30 kg, and its joints, equipped with the company’s own developed 360 Nm M107 engines, can operate with great flexibility.


The robot, which is actively developing special hands with flexible fingers, has a Intel RealSense D435i With its camera system, it can perceive its surroundings in depth and at the same time LiDAR It also carries. It was previously said that the robot, which is equipped with an 864-Wh battery but whose maximum usage time has not yet been announced, can run 1.5 meters per second on rough terrain and 5 meters per second on smooth terrain.

Before this, it was announced that the robot broke the world record in its class by traveling 3.3 meters per second. You can see the speed it reaches with its thin feet in the video below. The robot can go up and down stairs and dance at the same time, as shown in the same video. Humanoid robot that has no problems with balance and can withstand impacts like Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot Atlas Unitree H1, It is still in the prototype stage, and the company is at least three years away from commercial launch.