The “new” PlayStation 5 model was disassembled [Video]

The new PlayStation 5 model was disassembled Video

Japanese tech giant sony, In the past month, a new model with a thinner body has been launched. PlayStation 5 introduced his model.

For those who missed it, the new version has the same performance as the old versions. PlayStation 5 The versions directly replace the existing consoles and are built on thinner / shorter cases. Regarding the new versions, there are still two different versions on sale, one with a disk drive and one without a disk drive, but now there is actually a single PS5 console. Because Sony has installed the disk drive of the device. It has become a separate product. If desired, a disk drive, sold separately for $80, can be added to the “Digital” version, which costs $450 and does not have a disk drive. For the main version, which comes with a disk drive directly in the box, you have to pay 500 dollars. Products that will be on sale in the USA in November are available today It makes a splash with the video above. This YouTuber Dave2D In the video published by , the version that comes with a disk drive is examined and its interior is opened to take a look at its hardware. is thrown away. In this video, the key hardware differences between the new and old versions are mentioned, and after the tests carried out between the versions, it is stated that there is only a 2 degree temperature difference. While the old version operates at 60-63 degrees after eight hours of testing, the new version with a thin body delivers a performance of 62-64 degrees.


Another announcement came for PS5 last month. For those who missed it PlayStation Blog through an official in sharing found Sony, “Our friends at Sony Pictures Entertainment produce many great films, and today I’m pleased to tell you about our new collaboration that will give the PlayStation community access to some of these unforgettable films on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles.” by explaining Sony Pictures Core introduced the application.

“Sony Pictures” enabling access to signed films on different platforms and devices Bravia Core application Sony Pictures Core Sony made the new application available for PS5 and also for PS4.

When you sign up for Sony Pictures Core on your PS4 or PS5, You’ll be able to purchase or rent and watch up to 2,000 movies directly from your console.. Released exclusively on Sony Pictures Core 23 different countries The company, which stated what it did with PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe It doesn’t forget its subscribers and gives them free access to more than 100 movies in the Sony Pictures library.