The new MMORPG from Amazon will soon let you test its endgame

Throne and Liberty will start its beta phase in just a few days. Then players in this country can also try out Amazon’s MMORPG. The developers have now announced details about the beta.

What is Throne and Liberty? The MMORPG from South Korean developer NCSoft has a long history behind it. After it was almost finished under the name Lineage Eternal in 2017, a complete overhaul and renaming to Throne and Liberty followed.

In South Korea, players were able to get started as early as December 2023. The MMORPG is expected to be released in the West in 2024 for Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

In order to test the game and collect feedback from players, a closed beta will run between April 10th and 17th, 2024.

A new trailer recently appeared announcing the beta:

Throne and Liberty is shown in the German trailer for the closed beta

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The developers reveal details about the beta

Who can play the beta? Interested players had until April 2nd to register for the test period. The beta will run for seven days and will be available in Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific.

However, those who gain access are not allowed to express their opinions in public. The beta is under NDA, which means you are not allowed to talk about what you see. Streams or the like are therefore not to be expected.

What is the content of the beta? The developers revealed what participants can expect in the beta in a blog post on the game’s website. Above all, the level system and the progression of the players in the ongoing game are tested.

It is important to the developers to give beta participants a good feel for the Solisium game world. You should be able to let off steam, there will be no level limit. Players should try out all of the game’s content.

This means that in addition to the early and midgame, the endgame will also be playable.

What is the goal of the developers? The beta is primarily intended to collect feedback from players. The focus is on the combat system and the world events.

To test the latter, the developers created a schedule of prime-time events in each region of the game. So there will probably already be some of the announced siege battles.

NCSoft also wants to hear players’ opinions on Throne and Liberty’s economic system. On the one hand, this means the in-game economy, but on the other hand it also means the marketplace. There you can shop with the real money currency Lucent. Beta testers will receive a certain amount of it.

Basically, the game can be played for free. Nevertheless, there are allegations that Throne and Liberty is Pay2Win.

After the beta ends, the developers will collect player feedback and continue working on the game. There is currently no specific release date for outside of South Korea. The MMORPG should also appear in this country without any major differences to the Korean version.

Have you signed up for the beta? Are you looking forward to Throne and Liberty? Write us your opinion in the comments. You can find all information about Throne and Liberty on MeinMMO.