The new generation BMW 5 Series was introduced with all its curiosity

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The BMW 5 Series, which has entered its eighth generation with the G60 body code, will be richer than ever in options under the hood.

The steps of transitioning to the new generation that came with the Mercedes E-Class in April, which we left behind, were also reflected on the BMW 5 Series front after a short period of time. The 5 Series, which we witnessed transitioning to its eighth generation with the G60 case code, also carries important firsts in the innovations it brings. The all-electric version will be added to the family for the first time in the product range, where BMW will bring firsts in user experience with the vegan leather approach used in its cockpit. Parallel to these, a richer choice than ever on the engine side, including gasoline, diesel, hybrid and electric, awaits us on this front.


Vital features for the BMW 5 Series

The 5 Series, which is presented with a more dynamic character with the modernization of its design lines, includes perceptible changes in size. The car, whose total length has increased by 97 millimeters compared to the model it replaces, will hit the road with a value of 5,060 millimeters in parallel. The 5 Series, whose wheelbase has been increased by 20 millimeters to 2,995 millimeters, has also been moved up in all other parameters. Parallel to the dimensions, the luggage volume of 520 liters in the standard versions (490 liters in the PHEV) seems to meet the expectations. Let’s not pass without mentioning the friction coefficient of 0.23 cd among the main lines of the design and dimensions.

The new generation BMW 5 Series was introduced with all
When we open the doors of the car and enter inside, a relatively free array of physical keys welcomes us. In parallel with BMW’s new approach, we can easily feel that two digital panels of 12.3 inches and 14.9 inches are quite dominant in the cockpit. Along with its design, the steering wheel, which has been renewed in parallel with its usefulness, will immediately attract the attention of enthusiasts. The point that went down in the history of the brand on the cockpit side is that the 5 Series is the first model in BMW to use the vegan cockpit approach as standard. We will see the traces of this approach in all the upholstery used on the console and doors, as well as the seats.


We will also see extremely rich pages in the story under the hood. At the center of the adventure, which will start over the 520i in the first stage in the European market, the 2.0-liter gasoline engine will be in front of us with 208 horsepower. This version will also be recorded as one of the last true petrol 5 Series versions without electric support. The popular version of the family, the 520d, will be on the road with a power value of 197 horsepower. After these versions, the plug-in hybrid combination and inline six-cylinder diesel option will be added to the lists in different markets as of 2024. Especially in the rechargeable hybrid option that will come with the 550e xDrive code, we will witness the output of the power value to 490 hp. In the hybrid version, which will be combined with a new high-capacity battery, a pure electric driving range of up to 100 kilometers will be possible. The electric i5 will also have to wait until 2024.