The new free game to be given by Epic Games Store has been announced

Epic Games Store is giving away two new free games

Epic Games Store The new free game to be given by has been announced. The company continues to please people with free productions.

Epic Games Store by to players 14 September The game that will be given as a free gift on 911 Operator will be. The following description is given for this game: “It’s a game about the very difficult jobs of people working in emergency services. Answer incoming calls and give first aid instructions, advice, dispatch the correct number of firefighters/police/ambulance or sometimes ignore the call as appropriate to the situation. Play in ANY CITY in the World!” Epic Games Store The game that is currently being given as a free gift to players by spelldrifter. The following brief summary description is given for this game: “Introducing Spelldrifter, a hybrid game featuring the best of tactical role-playing and deck-building genres! Spelldrifter combines the puzzle-like positional tactics of turn-based RPG combat with the deep customization and replayability of a collectible card game. The result: a hybrid game where players use time and space to juggle the resources at their disposal. Players are challenged to rethink card game strategy with the innovative Tick System from Spelldrifter. The sequences are arranged into a single time period with each character action. Players who master the time period gain a huge advantage in battles and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving significant victories. Choose your own group of heroes, build your decks and embark on a deep adventure into Starfall as you search for the entrance to the mysterious Labyrinth!