The new defense agreement between Sweden and the USA signed

The Berga naval base in the Stockholm archipelago, the Luleå air flotilla, and the reestablished Gotland regiment. These are three of 17 locations that the American military, according to the new defense cooperation agreement DCA, now has access to.

The agreement gives the US the right to, among other things, deploy military personnel, carry out exercises, and make stopovers for refueling and other things by both aircraft and ships.

– This does not mean that all 17 locations will be used, but it is a work we have done in close dialogue, based on where from a military perspective it is most important for them to, for example, be able to pre-store defense equipment, says Pål Jonson to SVT Nyheter.

Must follow Sweden’s restrictions

Several other Nordic countries have similar agreements with the USA. Like them, Sweden gives the USA the right to store weapons and ammunition at the various bases. The US must have “exclusive control” over materiel, but needs to inform Sweden in advance of exactly what type of materiel is brought in.

Could there be talk of nuclear weapons on Swedish territory?

– No, the Swedish position is well known. We see no need or reason to have nuclear weapons on our territory, and the United States has also said that it respects that, says the Minister of Defense.

“Better to have Sweden as an ally”

– The agreement creates better conditions for the US to provide support to Sweden in the event of a crisis or war, and it will also be good for stability in the whole of northern Europe when it comes into force, says Jonson.

For the US, the agreement is about gaining access to important strategic locations near the Baltics and on the Northern Hemisphere.

– The only thing better than having Sweden as a friend is having Sweden as an ally, said US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, before he signed.