The new clip on Peter Haber worries the audience: Thought the heart would stop

The new clip on Peter Haber worries the audience Thought

The new Beck film is the fiftieth in the series. It has been titled Deadlock, and of course we see in the cast Peter Haber as Martin Beckbut also the actors Jennie Silfverhjelm, Martin Wallström, Valter Skarsgård, Kristofer Hivju and Anna Asp.

Peter Haber and Mikael Persbrandt in the first Beck film Lockpojken as 1997. Image source: Stella Pictures. Death is number 50 in the film series about Martin Beck

Movie top writes that Dödläge is “the most violent Beck film ever”, and the film magazine Moviezine praised Peter Haber’s performance as Martin Beck. The reviewer wrote, among other things, that Haber “has rarely been this good in his parade role”.

Deadlock is also the last Beck film that Ingvar “The Neighbor” Hirdwall managed to record before his death.

Ingvar Hirdwall played Martin Beck’s neighbor who often offered Beck a sprinkler. Image source: Stella Pictures.

In connection with the premiere of Deadlock, as announced Jon Mankellwho is executive producer for Beck, that in 2024 two more Beck films will be shot.

– We are now planning two films with filming starting this spring. That is, films 51 and 52. We take one season at a time, but as long as we can maintain a high quality and our viewers want to see Beck, in any case, my hope is that we do more, he says to TV4.

Peter Haber as Martin Beck in the new film Deadlock. Image source: TV4 Viewers’ concern after the new clip on Peter Haber: “Thought the heart would stop”

The happy news of several Beck films was also announced by Peter Haber himself. In a clip on TV4’s Instagram account, Peter Haber opens up about his feelings about the enormous success that Beck has become.

– Hello, dear audience. My name is Peter Haber and I have played Martin Beck in 50 films. That doesn’t sound wise. When we made the first film 27 years ago, we had no idea there would be this many. And one can ask why that has happened, he says and continues:

– It is your merit. It is your interest in our films that has resulted in so many.

After a short pause, Haber continues:

– And I hope your interest continues because we had actually intended to do a few more. So… Thanks for that, he concludes.

The reactions in the comments section have not been long in coming. The post is already one of TV4’s Instagram account’s most liked with almost 20,000 likes, and hundreds of comments have poured in from delighted Beck fans yearning for more footage.

But there are also several who were seriously frightened by Peter Haber’s serious tone in the clip.

Some reactions in TV4’s comments section read:

“My God, you’re scared. I thought you were going to say ‘thank you and hello’ my heart stopped!”

“Got fucking heart palpitations”

“You got a little bit needy there”

“Help! Thought he’d say his time is over in Beck..peuhhh Peter! You’re the best! But Gunvald is missing”

“Phew! Got a bit worried there before I heard all he had to say!”

“Was I the only one who thought he was going to say #50 will be the last?”

“Was so damn worried it would end with a ‘thank you for me'”