The new BMW 520i Sedan is on sale in Turkey for 4,384,600 TL

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New BMW 520i Sedan It is on sale in Turkey with prices starting from 4,384,600 TL. The vehicle has a 1.6-liter Mild Hybrid gasoline engine.

About the Türkiye adventure of the new BMW 520i Sedan model, the company says the following: quoted: Offering different engine options in the same body with BMW’s “The Power Of Choice” approach, the New BMW 5 Series Sedan will hit the roads in Turkey in August with the highly anticipated mild-hybrid gasoline engine option, the New 520i Sedan, in addition to internal combustion diesel and electric engine versions. is being prepared. The new Sedan uses a four-cylinder, turbocharged, 1.6-liter internal combustion engine with mild-hybrid technology as its power unit. This engine produces a total of 190 horsepower and 310 Nm of torque. Transferring this power to the rear wheels with an 8-speed Steptronic transmission, the New BMW 520i Sedan reaches speeds from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds. The New BMW 520i Sedan, the version with the latest engine option in Turkey of the BMW 5 Series, the world’s pioneer of the Business Sedan segment, can be preferred with Luxury Line and M Sport design packages.


The new 520i creates its front appearance with a modern interpretation of the brand’s signature BMW kidney grille and four-section headlights. When the side profile of the car is examined, it attracts attention with the Hofmeister Curve that the brand has applied to almost all BMW models since the early 1960s and the model name on this detail. The rear of the new 520i Sedan is decorated with L-shaped chrome strips and is completed with taillights positioned parallel to the ground.

The interior of the new 520i Sedan welcomes users with the BMW Curved Screen, which stands out with its driver-oriented design. The 12.3-inch information display is complemented by a 14.9-inch multimedia screen. Thanks to the BMW Curved Screen, the physical buttons inside the car are reduced to a minimum. BMW Interaction Bar, introduced with the new BMW 7 Series, takes the in-car user experience to the next level in the New 520i Sedan.

Creating an innovative combination with ambient lighting, the system extends from the front console to the inside of the doors, making the time spent in the New 520i Sedan more enjoyable. The redesigned steering wheel of the car stands out with its flat bottom and three-spoke structure. Thanks to the touch feature, the buttons on the steering wheel can easily manage the information display, multimedia settings and Head Up Display screen in the New 520i Sedan. “The new gear selector panel located in the middle of the console supports the premium atmosphere in the vehicle thanks to the ambient lighting.”