The NBA confirmed: Lauri Markkanen in the triple race of the star weekend | Sport

The NBA confirmed Lauri Markkanen in the triple race of

Lauri Markkanen gets to show off his shooting skills during the NBA’s all-star weekend.

Matti Lehtisaari,

STT Sports

The Utah Jazz star will miss the NBA All-Star Game this year From Lauri Markkasenbut the Finnish top thrower will still be seen at the star-studded weekend in Indianapolis.

The information about Markkanen’s participation in the three-point shooting competition, which was already reported in the media at the beginning of the week, was confirmed when the league announced the competition’s participants on Thursday.

Along with Markkanen, Indiana is also participating in the competition Tyrese Haliburtonof Milwaukee Damian Lillard and Malik Beasleyof New York Jalen Brunsonof Cleveland Donovan Mitchellof Minnesota Karl-Anthony Towns and Atlanta Trae Young.

The three-way competition will be played local time on Saturday, February 17. The NBA All-Star Game is on the next day.