The National Audit Office: Low control of start-up jobs

The National Audit Office Low control of start up jobs
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full screen The National Audit Office warns of cheating with the start-up jobs. Archive image. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Each year, SEK 18 billion goes to various subsidized jobs via the Employment Agency.

But according to the National Audit Office, the control of the jobs works poorly, which increases the risk of incorrect payments, reports SR Ekot.

The National Audit Office mainly points to risks with the start-up jobs, which are aimed at the long-term unemployed. There have been high compensation levels in recent years, while control has been low according to the authority.

– A serious risk we see is sham employment, where there is actually no employment but it has been created to abuse the system, says the review’s project manager Yvonne Thorsén to Ekot.

The National Audit Office has not examined how much of the payments actually consist of fraud and errors. The employment agency has previously estimated it at 10 percent.