The mother admits that she abused her three-year-old daughter

The mother admits that she abused her three year old daughter
Relative: “Shocked – had no idea”

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The videos are suspected of showing how a young mother abuses her three-year-old daughter.

The content has created huge emotional storms on social media and led to the mother now being arrested for aggravated assault.

But the films have also caused hatred and threats against the young mother’s family.

– I feel shocked after seeing these films. If we had had the slightest idea, we would of course have reported it, says a relative.

On Monday, a large number of people started calling 114 14 to report a woman in her 20s living in Blekinge County to the police.

Films allegedly showing her severely abusing her three-year-old daughter had then begun to spread on social media with calls to report the mother to the police. However, who filmed and who first uploaded the videos is unclear.

The girl taken care of

Late on Monday evening, the young woman was arrested and the little girl was taken into the care of social authorities. The girl should be fine under the circumstances.

– The suspect is suspected of serious assault. She is arrested on probable cause, the stronger level of suspicion, says District Attorney Anna Johansson Toresten, who leads the investigation.

She points out that the investigation is at a very early stage and does not want to answer whether the arrested woman is suspected of assault on one or more occasions. She also does not want to confirm whether the videos that allegedly show the assault are part of the investigative material.

– We collect many different types of material, says Johansson Toresten.

Illegally distribute the films

Interviews were held with the woman during the day.

– My client admits to the crime, says her lawyer Markus Segerström, who otherwise refers to pre-trial confidentiality.

During Tuesday, the films continued to be spread online on a large scale, something that the police are now warning people not to continue doing as it could be criminal.

– We take a serious view of spreading these films. It may be a question of illegal invasion of privacy with imprisonment of up to two years on the penalty scale. It’s completely understandable that you get upset, but you shouldn’t make it worse by continuing to spread videos or images, says Thomas Johansson, the police’s spokesperson.

The clips, which appear to have been filmed with a mobile phone, appear to have been recorded in a residence.

“Totally shocked”

In the comment field where the clips have been published, many feelings of anger and outrage towards the content of the films air. Many express concern about the girl and urge each other to report, for the sake of the girl. Others write hateful comments directed at the mother.

In comments, the names of the criminal suspect’s relatives are also printed.

One of the relatives of the arrested woman describes how she was shocked when in the morning she started receiving threatening messages from people she does not know, people who thought she should be ashamed. At first she had no idea what they were referring to.

– I don’t use social media that much so a friend helped me find the clips and it was so terrible to watch. I feel shocked. But neither I nor anyone else in my family had the slightest suspicion that something like this was going on. If we had, we would of course have reported it, because this is how a child should never be treated, says the woman.

“We had no idea”

She does not see the now arrested mother often. The young woman spends time with few of her family and is described as a person who has struggled with several problems and who mostly took care of her child alone.

The relative now feels great concern that the hatred will affect more family members, something it has already done during the day with calls and messages.

– I understand if people are furious if what is seen in the films is true – but those of us around had no idea. We have always perceived this girl as happy and motherly, we have never seen any marks. She seemed to be doing well.

So far, the young mother has only been arrested. The prosecutor has not yet decided whether or not she will request her remand.

– I have until Wednesday at 12 o’clock to decide, says District Attorney Anna Johansson Toresten.

Many who report concerns

In one of the clips, another adult is seen with the girl. However, if more people have been served with suspicion of crimes in the case, or if more people may be served with suspicion, the prosecutor does not want to answer.

On social media, users also encourage each other to report concerns about the mother to her home municipality’s social services. The social service in question confirms that a large number of calls and emails have been received during the day and continue to arrive.

However, they do not want to answer whether the young mother has previously been the subject of reports of concern or investigations, but according to information to Aftonbladet, there must have been previous reports made.

However, the prosecutor does not want to confirm this.

– It’s nothing I can go into at the moment.