The Most Saving Electric Heaters

The Most Saving Electric Heaters Cepkolik

Today, we will talk about the most economical electric heaters that are most necessary in such winter months. The electric heater works by generating radiant heat from electricity. Today, electric heaters are highly preferred due to their usage advantages. Electric heaters provide comfortable warmth quickly and cleanly. It is used practically in all areas of the house, such as the living room, bathroom and kitchen. Since it works with electrical energy, the damage it causes to nature is less than other heater models. The electric heater requires no maintenance and requires less space.

The Most Saving Electric Heaters

Ihlas Aura Electric Heater

İhlas Aura electric heater is our first suggestion for less electricity money and to get warm. İhlas electric stove distributes heat equally to the space thanks to its special fan motor. With its water tank, it ensures that the environment is always moist. It does not cause the oxygen in the environment to be absorbed like ordinary heaters. It prevents headaches and upper respiratory diseases with its technology that does not dry the air. It consumes less energy. The product with a rollover safety provides a safe use. Since there are 4 different temperature settings in the product with a thermostat, it is possible to choose between stages according to the temperature of the place.

Ufo Tower Type Heater


With its powerful performance, the UFO heater both makes your rooms warm and does not increase electricity bills. Ufo heater is one of the heaters where you can save energy. Thanks to its sensor, it automatically detects nearby objects and living things and reduces its power when approaching more than 1 m. The michatronics technology in the Ufo tower heater increases the filament life of the heater up to 3 times. Thus, it provides longer use.

Kumtel Mini Fireplace Heater


If price, performance and savings are an important criterion in your choice, Kumtel heaters can also be easily added to the list. A class energy consuming product allows you to warm up without tiring your budget. Thanks to its adjustable thermostat feature, it prevents energy loss and offers the opportunity to save electricity. The product, which has a rollover safety, automatically cuts off the electricity in case of falling or tipping over. In addition, when the room temperature drops, the thermostat automatically activates and brings the temperature to the desired level. Although its heating power is 2200 W, it heats even 20 square meters of space quite comfortably.

Simtech Remote Controlled Fan Heater


One of the stoves that best meets the need for heating in cold weather is the Simtech brand’s fan heater with remote control and digital display. This heater can be easily carried to any environment with its ergonomic and stylish design. With its adjustable thermostat feature, it meets the energy saving expectations of consumers. The Simtech heater, which has a maximum 2000 Watt heater feature, has a 2-stage heat setting. In addition, thanks to its timer, it automatically turns off after it reaches a certain temperature. In this way, the life of the heater is not shortened. The product, which provides superior protection, turns off automatically when it falls over.

Luxeva Carbon Ufo Heater


Luxeva heater makes the environment warm in a short time thanks to its 2000 W power and high heating feature. The most striking feature of the Carbon Intrared heater is that it can work indoors as well as outdoors. The product provides higher energy efficiency compared to traditional infrared heaters. It is very effective in saving electricity and energy with the energy efficiency it provides. This stove, which has a carbon heater, does not reduce the oxygen and humidity values ​​of the room. Thus, it prevents problems such as headaches and air dryness caused by other electric heaters. With its thin and light structure, it allows you to carry it to any environment effortlessly.

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