The most popular digital platform in Turkey on the TV series / movie side was announced

The most popular digital platform in Turkey on the TV

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JustWatch On the TV series / movie side, based on the report shared by The most popular digital platform in Turkey was revealed.

JustWatch, which shared its SVOD market shares in the fourth quarter of 2023, made the following remarkable statement: “BluTV, It maintains its position as the market leader with a share 5 times that of Disney +. Netflix ranks second with its share exceeding the total of the leading streaming platforms Prime Video and Disney + (26%).” Regarding market share development in 2023, the following was stated: “We observe the most significant developments in 2023 in Prime Video and Mub, each +1% compared to last December. However, we see that Disney+, which lost -3%, is having difficulty catching up.” Alright BluTV is big How does it leave the giants behind? The reason behind this is the Hepsiburada Premium agreement. If you don’t know, it’s free for Hepsiburada Premium subscribers. BluTV subscription is given as a gift. From here For 29.90 TL (270 TL per year) available Hepsiburada Premium The package provides people with many opportunities in addition to BluTV, and in this respect, it reaches a significant audience. The company explains what these are.Why should you upgrade to Premium?Answering the question, he explains as follows:


Free cargo: You can benefit from free shipping on all your purchases.

3% Hepsipara earnings: You can spend the Hepsipara you earn at Hepsiburada.

3% Hepsipara earning with Hepsipay card: With the free Hepsipay card, Premium users can earn 3% Hepsipara everywhere and spend their Hepsipara safely.

Watch BluTV: You can watch TV series and movies with your gift BluTV membership.

Free appointment delivery: Your orders are with you exactly when you need them. We will deliver your orders to your address free of charge within the time period you choose.

50% discount tire assembly: You can get the tires you bought from Hepsiburada at a 50% discount with the Tire at My Door service.

50% discounted furniture assembly: You can have the assembly service of the furniture you buy from Hepsiburada at a 50% discount.

Free door return: You can easily return the products you purchased any day you want.

Primary call center: You can get support without waiting by connecting to our call center as a priority.

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