The most popular classes in Last Epoch ranked – from unpopular to popular

In a survey we wanted to know from you which class you like best in Last Epoch. Here we present you a ranking of the most popular classes based on your answers.

The action RPG offers players five classes, for which you can choose subclasses as you progress. Each of the five basic classes has three possible mastery classes that determine your playstyle and work with different builds. The difference between championships within a class can be enormous.

And because it currently takes forever to level up a new character in Last Epoch, we wanted to ask you in a survey which class you think is best in all categories: gameplay, optics, class fantasy or whatever you can think of.

This is how you voted: A total of 1,423 people took part in the survey. Everyone could only give one vote. These are places 15 to 6:

  • 15th place: Anvil Guardian/Forge Guard (2%, 24 votes)
  • 14th place: Shaman/Shaman (3%, 36 votes)
  • 13th place: Zauberblade/Spellblade (3%, 40 votes)
  • 12th place: Lich (3%, 42 votes)
  • 11th place: Wizard/Sorcerer (3%, 48 votes)
  • 10th place: Druid/Druid (4%, 52 votes)
  • 9th place: Animal Master/Beastmaster (4%, 61 votes)
  • 8th place: Sniper/Marksman (4%, 63 votes)
  • 7th place: Bladedancer (5%, 65 votes)
  • 6th place: Void Knight (7%, 96 votes)
  • Below we present you your top 5 best classes in Last Epoch:

    5th place: Runemaster/Runemaster

    With 133 votes, 9% of you chose Runemaster as the best class in Last Epoch. The Runemaster is a scholar who masters the power of the arcane and combines it with the art of runes.

    He uses this power to create powerful offensive and defensive barriers that destroy anyone who breaks through them. MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus tried out the rune master, but he did the rest.

    Last Epoch: The 40 spells of the Runemaster in the trailer

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    4th place: Paladin

    For 157 of you, or 11%, the Paladin is the best class in Last Epoch. The Paladin is a master class of Sentinel and is a holy, lawful warrior.

    Paladins take on their enemies, crushing them and maintaining order. Paladins can destroy entire swarms of enemies with their holy fire. But they are also able to heal allies.

    3rd place: Necromancer/Necromancer

    With 185 votes and 13%, the Necromancer is in third place in the vote for the best classes in Last Epoch. Similar to the sorcerer, the acolyte also uses magic – but a forbidden kind of it.

    A master class of Acolyte, the Necromancer uses flesh, bone, blood, and the remaining essence of life as her weapons. She commands a dark army of undead that overruns her enemies while casting devastating curses. With a strong necro build you summon a huge ghost that dismantles all enemies for you.

    2nd place: Falconer

    With 188 votes (13%), the falconer came in second place in the vote. Along with the Warlock, she is one of the two new mastery classes that arrived in Last Epoch with Update 1.0. The Falconer’s base class is the Rogue, who emerges from the shadows with bows and blades to surprise her enemies.

    The Falconer is a master tactician who uses deceptive traps and the help of a bird of prey to survive. Her intellect, her ingenuity and, above all, the loyalty of her hawk are her greatest strengths. But she can also fight without weapons and deal up to 300,000 damage if everything goes right.

    1st place: Sorceress/Warlock

    For 233 of you (16%), the number one best class in Last Epoch is the Warlock, which came into the game with the full release as the Acolyte’s master class. And with her, no soul is spared.

    The sorceress delves deep into the essence of her enemies, corrupting their spirits with merciless curses, necrotic magic, and blazing flames that sear their flesh. The Dark Master’s slightest word can contain magic so vile that it blots out the light entirely.

    In the Last Epoch, the magicians and especially the rune masters are currently in the lead when it comes to the strongest classes. But acolytes are also well represented in many lists in the form of sorcerers and necromancers.

    With her Torment build, the Warlock is one of the strongest classes in the endgame. You can find out which classes and builds are best and how the individual builds work in our overview: Last Epoch Tier List: Best builds & classes in the endgame