The monthly cost of an active internet user in Turkey has reached 420 TL

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Monthly cost of an active internet user in Turkey 420 TLIt has reached . It is even possible to increase this figure even more.

With the developing technologies, many services have entered our lives, and as you know, they continue to do so. for a long time in our lives Netflix and Spotify There are many extra expense items. The sum of these has increased significantly with the effect of high dollar and euro exchange rates as of the end of 2022. According to our current calculations The monthly cost of an active internet user in Turkey has reached 420 TL, In fact, most people left 420 TL behind by far. So what exactly is included in this number?

November 4, 2022 Let’s explain the prices. The average home internet cost of a person in Turkey is now average 200 TL located at the level. Of course this is also mobile internet package need to add. Now for most people 80-90 TLIt generates an average monthly expense of . Many people turn to Spotify every month to listen to music. 21 TL pays money. Here Apple Music such as monthly 20 TLThere is also an alternative. The amount paid for Netflix every month is now with the latest hike. 70 TL located at the level. Currently monthly subscription to Disney+ service 35 TL The number of donors is also high.


Most people focus on live streaming Twitch is also following the platform closely. Subscribing to at least one publisher here means that the collection we have prepared is monthly. 10 liras adds more. Here, of course, there are those who pay more for the subscription, those who subscribe to the second or third tier, and those who subscribe to more than one account.

For many people today, television means exactly what it means. YouTube means. Most users in this category want to get rid of ads. YouTube Premium subscribed and here every month 30 TL is paying. This figure is now in the lives of a very large user base.

In addition, people growing storage and backup needs also significantly increased the use of cloud storage services. These services, which have now reached the indispensable level for most people, add approximately monthly to the average account we make. 15 TL adds. Of course, there are those who pay more for cloud storage. We only consider the normal user here.


When all these come together, an active user, especially the new generation Monthly service expenditures in Turkey amount to approximately 420 TL. Increasing this figure is quite easy, as we have said before. For example, the high numbers in Turkey console gamersfor online / online play (PlayStation and Xbox) monthly 40 TL and 30 TL numbers have to be paid.

Also due to the very high game prices in Turkey Game Pass service every month 30 TL There is a large paying population. The fixed amount that this audience pays monthly with their additional expenses to others 460 TLIt goes up to . per month of people who do not have this good PC 120 TL given by giving GeForce NOW monthly cost when service is added 610 TLIt can be reached easily.

Also in Turkey Exxen, Puhu TV and Blu TV There are other Netflix rival entertainment services available with a monthly payment, such as Those who prefer these instead of or next to Netflix are not few. In addition Formula 1 For example, those who do not follow sports such as S Sport Plus monthly to service 30 TL like paying. When all of these come together, a person’s monthly internet oriented expense 680 TLIt can go up to .


Not to forget the professionals who work from home here. Because there are some extra monthly expenses based on the internet for professionals as well. for example Adobe of the firm Photoshop software such as Creative Cloud It can be used under a monthly subscription.

Here for example every month for Photoshop 52 TL must be given. Access to Adobe’s entire suite of video editing software such as Premiere is monthly. 187 TL level is located. Just Photoshop a person who uses the internet and other services connected to the internet, together with the expenses we have mentioned above. 750 TL up to pay. For someone who needs all the services Adobe offers, this figure is approximately 900 TLis approaching.