The Minister of Health offers three free medical consultations at three key ages of life

The Minister of Health offers three free medical consultations at

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    Dr Gérald Kierzek (Medical Director of Doctissimo)

    Interviewed by our colleagues from the Journal du Dimanche, the Minister of Health François Braun announces that three free medical consultations will soon be offered to the French, at three key ages of life: 25, 45 and 65 years old. A measure that will be integrated into the Social Security financing bill for 2023, which should be presented to the Council of Ministers at the end of the month.

    Three “key” ages of life: 25, 45 and 65 years old. These are the years chosen by the Minister of Health to offer free medical consultation to all French people.

    Different goals

    We are entering the era of prevention” says François Braun. For the Minister of Health, the idea is to better follow the younger generations during their lifetime.

    • For 25-year-old French people, the objective will therefore be to “take stock of vaccines, their physical activity, possible addictions or difficulties related to the start of professional life“.
    • At 45, the issues of screening for different forms of cancer (breast, colon, prostate) will be addressed, as well as cardiovascular health and the patient’s mental health.
    • Finally, at age 65, the prevention of loss of autonomy, cancer screening and all preventable diseases will be discussed during this medical discussion.

    The Minister of Health had already announced at the beginning of September that this “five-year term will be that of a vast reform of our health and prevention policy”.

    Focus on prevention

    Asked about the question, Dr Gérald Kierzek, emergency doctor and medical director of Doctissimo, also believes that it is necessary to do prevention, because France is “very late” on the question. “But the real problem is not to invite people to have a doctor but rather to find one” adds the doctor, who points out that it is already possible for all French people to carry out a complete health check-up covered by Health Insurance every 5 years.

    For Dr Yvon Le Flohic, general practitioner and member of Doctissimo’s expert committee, it is essentially a communication measure: “In fact, consultations are already free since they are reimbursed by Social Security. I think it’s more about communication, more than a really essential measure. The real problem we are facing today is that more than 6 million people currently do not have a doctor, that emergency services are closing, that there are more and more medical deserts, that we are encountering refusals of hospital care… Consequences of a 20-year-old policy, which mistreats health and whose effects we can unfortunately see today” concludes the doctor.