The Minister of Education wants to change how the school fee is calculated

– I share SKR’s image and will work to change the legislation, wrote Lotta Edholm, among other things, in an email to SVT Småland after our reporting on Växjö municipality which is affected by several cost increases at the same time.

Inflation and interest rates are part of the explanation for why Växjö municipality now has to save within the school. But here the municipality has also built new schools that have been put into use in recent years, which means that rental costs are increasing. And then the part of the school money that the independent schools receive for their premises also increases.

Add investigation

But Lotta Edholm says that the costs that the municipalities have that the independent schools do not have to bear are mainly about the fact that they must always be prepared to receive all the students who live in a municipality. A responsibility that the independent schools do not have.

– It is important that we differentiate school money so that it is designed based on the responsibility you have. We will set up an investigation into this shortly, says Education Minister Lotta Edholm.