The Minister of Education on the grading system: “Very serious situation”

Reports of happiness ratings and cheating have led to a loss of trust in the rating system. That’s what Lars Stranneg√•rd, rector of the Stockholm School of Economics, says in Aktuellt. High school grades have been corrupted into a commodity, he believes. Now the school is considering introducing entrance exams to deal with the problem themselves.

РIn the long run, you build a society where you cannot trust this incredibly important selection mechanism, says Lars Strannegård.

Even Mats Persson (L), Minister of Education, describes it as a very serious situation.

– It is a warning bell for everyone. We run the risk of getting into a situation where young people enter engineering or nursing education and cannot afford the education because they lack the right prior knowledge, he says and adds:

– We do not have a fair system today.

The government must now take a series of measures to deal with the problems, Persson continues. Among other things, legislative work will now be initiated based on the premise that grading should not deviate too much from the national exams.

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