The military expert condemns Russia’s offensive: No major force left

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The number of attacks from the Russian side has decreased. A lack of trained soldiers and ammunition is weakening the forces – which presents a major opportunity for the Ukrainian army this spring, according to Rein Pella, a weapons expert at the National Defense Academy. – The Russians are starting to find it more and more difficult to carry out offensive operations, he says. The number of attacks from Russia has dropped from around 100 per day, to around 20, according to the Ukrainian army. The reason is probably both a lack of trained soldiers and a lack of ammunition, says Rein Pella, trainer at the Norwegian Defense Academy. – Right now it shows quite clearly that Russia probably does not have any major offensive power left. According to information, they have a division with a few air assault units and paratrooper units left. There is nothing enough to carry out a major offensive, says Pella. There have been reports that Iran has delivered a large amount of military equipment, and that China has also contributed ammunition and weapon parts. – Information has come from Iran that it has delivered 300,000 artillery shells and 100 million cartridges for fine caliber ammunition. It is unclear whether it has been delivered or is underway. An opportunity for Ukraine But even if ammunition arrives – and even if Russia mobilizes more – it will take time before weapons and trained soldiers are in place, says Pella. – If a new mobilization is announced, those soldiers will not be useful until the summer at the earliest. It gives Ukraine better opportunities this spring, according to Pella. – This gives Ukraine a great opportunity to carry out its spring offensive when the frost has left the ground. See the military expert’s reasoning in the player above.