The Milan Stock Exchange and other European markets are recovering

The Milan Stock Exchange and other European markets are recovering

(Finance) – The main Euroland markets are in positive territory. The Piazza Affari session marks the same bullish trend. The Stars and Stripes market was substantially tonic, with theS&P-500 which recorded a capital gain of 0.42%, with investors looking for new indications from macroeconomic data on the direction of monetary policy of the main central banks. Robert Holzmann, governor of the Austrian central bank, said that the ECB it could start reducing interest rates in June, but it should not get too far ahead of its US counterpart because this would decrease the effectiveness of the easing.
On the macroeconomic front, Eurostat announced that annual Eurozone inflation is expected to stand at 2.4% in March 2024, down from 2.6% in February and below the 2.5% expected by analysts. The unemployment rate, again in the Eurozone, was stable at 6.5% in February. In Italy, employment began to grow again in February after the decline in January, while the unemployment rate stood at 7.5% from 7.3% (revised from 7.2%) in January, against expectations equal to at 7.2%.

On the currency market, theEuro / US Dollar shows a timid gain, with an increase of 0.52%. L’Gold it is essentially stable at $2,284 an ounce. Oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) shows a modest gain and marks a +0.41%.

Uphill it spreadwhich reaches +145 basis points, with an increase of 6 basis points, with the yield on the 10-year BTP equal to 3.83%.

Among the Euroland indices moves modestly upward Frankfurthighlighting an increase of 0.48%, colorless Londonwhich did not record significant changes compared to the previous session, and a positive balance for Paris, which boasts an increase of 0.29%. Slightly rising session for Piazza Affari, with the FTSE MIB, which ends at 34,481 points; along the same lines, the FTSE Italia All-Share it makes a small leap forward of 0.49%, reaching 36,689 points.

From the closing data of the Italian Stock Exchange, it appears that the exchange value in the session of 04/03/2024 it was equal to 0 billion euros, down by 99.95%, compared to the 3.55 billion on the day before; while the volumes traded went from 0.75 billion shares in the previous session to 0.01 billion.

Between best performers of Milan, highlighted Fineco (+5.97%), Telecom Italia (+5.19%), BPER (+2.38%) e Unipol (+2.35%).

The worst performances, however, were recorded on Stellantiswhich closed at -1.82%.

He hesitates Herawhich lost 1.47%.

Under pressure Interpumpwhich suffered a decline of 3.61%.

It slides Campariwith a clear disadvantage of 1.50%.

At the top of the mid-cap stocks ranking from Milan, Fincantieri (+8.03%), D’Amico (+4.92%), De Nora Industries (+4.82%) e OVS (+4.13%).

The steepest declines, however, occurred on IRENwhich closed the session at -3.48%.

Substantially toned Technoprobewhich recorded a capital gain of 0.42%.

In red Alerion Clean Powerwhich highlights a sharp decline of 3.14%.

Basically weak Comer Industrieswhich recorded a decline of 0.30%.