The membership of Finland and Sweden has progressed at a record pace, but an exact timetable cannot be given

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Stoltenberg is confident that Turkey will also confirm Finland’s and Sweden’s applications together.

Iida Tikka,

Jari Strömberg

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NEW YORK/HELSINKI Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg is confident that Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership will be achieved at a record speed, even though there is still the ratification process of a few countries that are difficult for membership, i.e. Turkey and Hungary.

However, he does not give an exact timetable for the progress of the case.

– I cannot give any detailed schedule, but we know that all NATO members made a historic decision in Madrid to invite Finland and Sweden to become full members. 26 countries have already ratified the membership and as we know, several member countries have given security guarantees to Finland. And Finland participates in several NATO activities militarily and politically. So I am confident that the allies will confirm the membership.

Finland and Sweden have worked closely together

Turkey has made it clear that the process with Finland could be easier than with Sweden.

– The position of Finland and Sweden has always been that they apply to NATO together, and of course we invited them together and signed the membership application documents together. This has been the fastest application procedure in the entire history of NATO. most of the allies have already confirmed the membership and I believe that Turkey will also confirm it.

Stoltenberg does not see that the countries that applied for NATO together would enter membership at a different pace. However, the ball is in the national parliaments’ court, he says.

Nuclear weapons are not an option, and Russia knows it

Russia’s poor success in Ukraine with the means of conventional warfare has raised fears of Russia’s nuclear weapons. According to Stoltenberg, using a nuclear weapon is not a conceivable option.

– Any kind of use of nuclear weapons would change the situation dramatically, and Russia knows that a nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought. They also know that NATO is watching them very closely and that any use of nuclear weapons is in no way acceptable.

– The risks would only increase if I started speculating on the possible use of nuclear weapons. We have made our point of view clear and Russia knows exactly that a nuclear war should not be fought and it cannot be won, says Stoltenberg.