The Medicines Agency suspends the marketing of “Joëlle Ciocco” cosmetics

The Medicines Agency suspends the marketing of Joelle Ciocco cosmetics

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    If the health authorities have decided to suspend the sale of cosmetics from the Joëlle Ciocco Paris brand, it is because they contain a corticosteroid, the use of which requires a medical prescription.

    If you have purchased products from the Joëlle Ciocco Paris brand, be careful. They do not respect the regulation of cosmetic products and are now prohibited for sale.

    Betamethasone in face creams and beauty products

    It was through a press release, released this Wednesday, March 15, that the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) released the news.

    We suspend the manufacture, marketing, advertising, distribution and use of cosmetic products of the Joëlle Ciocco Paris brand; cosmetic products prepared specifically by the company Capital Joëlle Ciocco and products prepared specifically containing betamethasone“, indicates the Agency.

    Indeed, during laboratory inspections carried out with the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF), the ANSM discovered betamethasone in face creams and beauty products. of the brand.

    It is however a corticosteroid, known for its anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor properties, “which enters into the composition of medicinal products and which can only be used within the framework of a medical prescription“.

    Betamethasone is usually prescribed to treat certain dermatological pathologies, such as eczema. But if applied to the face, it risks, in the long run, “to cause adverse effects“, such as an acne breakout, depigmentation of the skin or even greater dermal fragility.

    Consequently, the ANSM invites consumers who hold this product to no longer use them.

    In case of adverse effects, a doctor should be consulted.