The man with gunshot wounds in Sandviken: 20-year-old convicted of several crimes

Prosecutor Arek Nowak is keeping secret about the incident due to investigative reasons. Nor does Arek Nowak want to tell how injured the man is.

– It is out of respect for the victim’s family. I also do not want to comment on the incident itself as we are still seeking information from witnesses at and around the crime scene, says Arek Nowak.

Four have been released

According to information to SVT Gävleborg, the injured man is in his 20s.

Hear more about the injured man in the video

Four people have been arrested but released at large. However, the suspicions against them have not been written off.

Strengthens presence

The incident is classified as attempted murder.

The police will now strengthen the presence in the area around the crime scene.

– We also collaborate with the municipality in the safety-creating work, says Temo Allenbäck, local police area manager in Gästrikland, in a press release.