The makers of the best SF strategy game on Steam are now bringing one to Stark Trek

The creators of the hit strategy game Stellaris on Steam today announced a new game: Star Trek: Infinite. The community has responded enthusiastically to the trailer and is excited for the new title in the SF franchise.

Paradox Entertainment is a Swedish publisher that has made a name for itself in the gaming industry with its historical strategy simulations.

In the field of science fiction, too, the company has already brought out a celebrated game among strategy fans with Stellaris.

Star Trek: Infinite, another space simulation from the game makers in cooperation with developer Nimble Giant Entertainment, will follow later this year.

Here’s the trailer for Star Trek: Infinite:

Star Trek: Infinite teaser trailer

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Become the intergalactic fleet captain

Star Trek: Infinite will be a grand scale strategy game where you command an entire space fleet. There are four different major powers in the galaxy to choose from:

  • the United Federation of Planets
  • the Romulan Star Empire
  • the Cardassian Union
  • the Klingon Empire
  • Each of the powers has specific characteristics and backstories. The quests also vary depending on which of the four realms you choose.

    As a commander, you have to make difficult decisions, visit other worlds and enter into exchanges with other civilizations. Story-wise, Star Trek Infinite predates Star Trek: The Next Generation by several decades.

    When is Star Trek: Infinite released? Star Trek: Infinite will be released for PC and MacOS in autumn 2023.

    How is the community reacting? Under the trailer on YouTube, many users are excited about the announcement of the new game, even if the news came as a surprise to some.

    Several users also directly compare the game to Stellaris:

  • Or Gluzman: “Wow, the new Stellaris DLC looks great.”
  • andromidius: “Finally a “sequel” to the classic game Birth of the Federation 4X from the 90’s. A mix of Stellaris, Crusader Kings and Star Trek: Armada would be perfect.”
  • Eschkabibbel: “Holy strawbag, what a wonderful surprise! To say I’m excited would be an understatement! I’ve been waiting for a game like this for so long! I’m really, really excited! Many thanks to Paradox and Nimble Giant Entertainment! I can barely wait for it!”
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