The makers of Blade & Soul are introducing 3 new games that have nothing in common with the huge MMORPG

As part of G-Star 2023, NCSoft (Aion, Blade & Soul) presented new titles. In addition to real-time strategy and adventure, we can expect a multiplayer shooter with an open world and sci-fi elements.

At G-Star (comparable to gamescom), which takes place from November 16th to 19th in Busan, Korea, NCSoft presented its upcoming projects. Plans include the open-world shooter Project LLL, the real-time strategy game Project G and an interactive adventure game called Project M. We will introduce you to the games including a trailer.

Project LLL

Project LLL – open-world shooter in the trailer

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Project LLL is an open-world MMO shooter that invites players to engage in epic battles in a vast and dynamic environment. You move freely in the third-person perspective through the open world, in which other players are also located.

According to NCSoft, survival becomes an “immersive and nuanced experience.” The world is constructed realistically, you can feel the change in the weather.

Project G

Project G – real-time strategy game in the trailer

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Project G is a real-time strategy game that aims to offer massive battlefields where players can expand their arsenal of units and their home base. The weapons and objects are intended to enhance the strategic and tactical fun in a three-dimensional world.

A variety of unique characters and a command and control system are intended to increase the fun of the big battles.

Project M

Project M – interactive adventure game in the trailer

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Project M is an interactive adventure game with a Korean background. Various decisions that the players make are intended to dynamically change the world and thereby create a unique gaming experience.

With Project M, NCSoft aims to create a game in which “narrative and gameplay are organically linked” through a variety of exploration, interactivity and action.

Release dates have not yet been set. Project G is currently in development for PC and mobile platforms. Project M, on the other hand, is designed for consoles and PCs.

When it comes to Throne and Liberty, you’ll still have to be patient. While the MMORPG is expected to appear here at the beginning of 2024, the release in Korea is due at the beginning of December.

To celebrate the approaching launch, NCSoft has released a new trailer: The new MMORPG Throne and Liberty shows the classes and a gigantic boss