the macronie shaken by its new deputies?

the macronie shaken by its new deputies

Élisabeth Borne, Clément Beaune and Olivier Dussopt. No less than nine former members of the government are heading back to the Bourbon Palace this week.

One month after the appointment of Gabriel Attal to Matignon, and while the last ministers and secretaries of state were made official last Thursday, those who did not have the chance to be reappointed are now resuming the course of their lives . Among the former members of the government, no less than nine are deputies. This week marks their big return to the benches of the National Assembly, and for some even, their arrival as deputies at the Bourbon Palace. This is indeed the case of former Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, elected from the 6th constituency of Calvados, who has until now never had the opportunity to sit as a deputy. This Tuesday, February 13, will mark his big return to the cauldron.

At his side, his former Minister for Transport, Clément Beaune, deputy for the 7th district of Paris, his former Minister of Labor, Full Employment and Integration, Olivier Dussopt (2nd of Ardèche), his ex -minister delegate in charge of Democratic Renewal, Olivier Véran (1st of Isère), his former minister delegate in charge of Foreign Trade, Attractiveness and French people abroad, Olivier Becht (5th of Haut-Rhin), l former Minister Delegate in charge of Equality between Women and Men and the Fight against Discrimination, Bérangère Couillard (7th of Gironde), the former Minister Delegate in charge of Vocational Education and Training, Carole Grandjean (1st of Meurthe-et-Moselle), the former Minister of Health and Prevention, Agnès Firmin-Le Bodo (7th of Seine-Maritime), and the former Minister Delegate in charge of Overseas Territories, Philippe Vigier (4th from Eure-et-Loir).

A wave of returns of “unprecedented” magnitude, say The echoes, who also underline that among these returnees, there are four heavyweights of the former government, all marked on the left. And this even though the reshuffle is described as a turn to the right for Macronie. On the side of Élisabeth Borne, her entourage, however, assures Echoes, that “she has no intention of starting a left-wing group”. Nevertheless, the former Prime Minister would have “the intention to weigh, to count”. Same response from Olivier Dussopt who assures him: “Am I going to federate something? I don’t need it.” What then of Clément Beaune, after his rebellion against the immigration bill? He simply affirms that he wants to continue to “work, campaign and [s]’express on Europe and ecology”, with Paris in sight. While everyone seems to be managing to contain their possible resentments for the moment, one thing is certain, concludes a majority executive with of the Echoes : “Everyone will have to reinvent themselves a little.”