The loudest Bluetooth speaker in the world offers 40 hours of battery power and plenty of bass

The loudest Bluetooth speaker in the world offers 40 hours

The festival season begins again in summer and if you are still looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is almost indestructible and still has a lot of power, this is it Third generation Soundboks * well advised. But the speaker also packs a punch at parties and in your own living room. It’s currently available on Amazon 30 percent reduced.

Soundboks: Suitable for every use

The Soundboks is particularly suitable for outdoor use because the robust speaker is resistant against water, cold and heat. Indoors, it will of course shake the ground with its maximum volume of 126 dB, so you’ll want to invite the neighbors to the party. The Danish manufacturer calls the Soundboks as the loudest portable Bluetooth speaker in the worldbut if that’s not enough for you, you can pair it with up to four other Soundboks.

The battery life is with 40 hours, at medium volume, quite decent and a spare battery is also available if there is no power outlet nearby. If you have the music at full speed, the battery will still last for 5 hours. The Soundboks are not a flyweight, but they are 15 kg and the two side handles it is still easy to wear.


Soundboks 3rd Gen

Soundboks lots of bass and a cool app

The free one is really practical Soundboks app, because you can use it to prevent others from connecting to the speaker via Bluetooth and messing around with your playlist. The app can also be used to adjust the sound again and you can add it using the multiband EQ additional bass added. This can cause the box to vibrate, which remains stable thanks to the housing corners with silicone shock absorbers.

The Soundboks* also offers Connection options for microphone, DJ mixer and instruments. Additional settings can also be made via the app. If you want more individuality from the mostly black speakers, you can Unscrew the front metal grille and spray paint it with cool patterns or colors.

JBL Partybox: A cheaper alternative

It’s also on Amazon JBL party box 310 * available reduced by 26 percent. The splash-proof Bluetooth speaker is available for 429 euros and is not only portable but also rollable thanks to the wheels. With the Light effects In the front it is also a visual eye-catcher. When it comes to volume and battery life of up to 18 hours, JBL can’t compete with the Soundboks, but it does offer a cheaper alternative.

So the festival season can come and bring the party into the tent camp even away from the infield. Whether you use the speakers for karaoke or as an amplifier for your musical instruments, the possible uses are diverse and possible almost anywhere thanks to the robust housing.

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