The little-known trick that removes fog from car windows and doesn’t cost a single euro

The little known trick that removes fog from car windows and

There is a simple trick that allows you to stop car windows from fogging when there is humidity, without having to use the air conditioning.

Fogging up car windows can be anywhere from mildly annoying to downright dangerous. Especially on cold, damp mornings, especially when the driver is in a hurry to start and not waiting for the air conditioning to do its job. With foggy windows, the risk of not perceiving another vehicle crossing our path, or worse, a vulnerable road user, is great, thus significantly increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Fortunately, in addition to using a car’s cooling/heating system to defog the windows, the driver can apply a series of tricks that work around the clock and require no effort on their part. The trick that most drivers don’t know about and may even be free is to place silica gel packets inside their car.

Silica gel packets may not be familiar to you by their official name. But you’ve probably seen them many, many times before, as they are widely used across many industry sectors to keep moisture away from products like shoes and bags, and even medicines and foods. They say “DESICCANT” and “SILICA GEL” in English most of the time. You can collect these silicone sachets from the packaging of products you purchase, like those mentioned above, and then place them in the cabin of your car in a “mesh” bag. You can also buy them directly in store and use them immediately in your car, with a retail price for each sachet between 0.03 and 0.04 euros per sachet, and for a pack of 200 pieces between 7 and 8 euros.

Depending on the humidity levels of the environment you are moving in, the same sachets can be used for a period of approximately one to three years. Silica gel packets will be even more useful in older technology cars that don’t have air conditioning, also absorbing much of the moisture throughout the day.

Finally, remember that to avoid fogging on our car windows, we must keep them as clean as possible: remove dirt and dust from their interior surfaces, at regular intervals, since these accumulate moisture more easily through compared to a clean glass surface, thus increasing the problem of window fogging.