the L’Express investigation into its former director – L’Express

the LExpress investigation into its former director – LExpress

In this new episode of La Loupe, Etienne Girard, editor-in-chief of the Society department, lifts the veil on the career of Philippe Grumbach, a spy for the USSR who also directed L’Express.

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The team: Charlotte Baris (writing and presentation), Mathias Penguilly (editing) and Jules Krot (directing).

Music and dressing: Emmanuel Herschon/Studio Torrent

Image credits: Julien Quideau/Archives L’Express

Logo: Anne-Laure Chapelain/Benjamin Chazal

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Charlotte Baris: Maybe like me, dear listeners, watching a spy series or film makes your imagination run wild. You wonder what life is like for this secret agent who travels the world, deals with the powerful and destabilizes international plots. Have I ever met this spy? Maybe he lives near me… or even work with him?

Having a fellow KGB agent is precisely what happened to the journalists of L’Express in the 70s. Philippe Grumbach, one of the directors of the newspaper, took advantage of his position and used his influence all the way to the Elysée on behalf of the USSR. The affair remained secret for a long time, until one of our journalists took an interest in it. An investigation worthy of a spy novel that we tell you in this episode of La Loupe.

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