The letter Mark received after Robinson 2024 changed his life

The letter Mark received after Robinson 2024 changed his life

Robinson 2024 offered a resounding season, to say the least. Already in the first episode, the friction between the participants began to make itself felt and the pacts quickly became a fact.

But in the midst of intrigue, drama, hunger, sand fleas and scorching heat, many found friendships for life.

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A bit into the program was Mark Bannon voted out and then had to go to Gränslandet. No one was waiting there less than Alexander Strandberg.

In a very short time, Mark and Alexander became very close and promised each other to keep in touch even after the program. They have shown this on their social media.

When Alexander arrived in Arlanda to meet his family, Mark was also there.

– A promise is a promise, Mark wrote on his Instagram.

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But more sunshine stories have happened since the shoot. Mark received a letter that he had been waiting for a long time.

Mark Bannon is now a Swedish citizen

Mark tells his followers that he has received a letter that he has been waiting for for 12 years.

“Just today it feels very appropriate to show a letter that I received a month ago, after over 12 years I can finally say that I am a proud Swedish citizen. I love Sweden, and am grateful for every day I get to live my fantastic life here! It’s a country full of opportunities. We just have to dare to throw ourselves into it, the ones that are right will stick!”, he concluded

In the comment field, there are now nice words from family, friends and followers.