The leaked clip of 17-year-old Bianca was sold in the “Diamond Package”

The leaked clip of 17 year old Bianca was sold in the

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full screen Bianca, 17, says that it feels meaningful to tell Aftonbladet what she has been through. Photo: Private

In closed forums, young men sell and share leaked photos and clips of teenage girls, reveals Today’s ETC in a review.

One of the girls affected is 17-year-old Bianca.

– I want to tell my story and I don’t intend to let the men classify me as a whore or a porn star, she tells Aftonbladet.

In the closed forum “Swedish girls”, young men sold, shared and traded leaked pictures of teenage girls.

This is revealed by Dagens ETC in a comprehensive review in four parts.

One of those affected is 17-year-old Bianca. Bianca tells Aftonbladet that it feels meaningful to tell about what she has been through.

– I want to tell my story and I’m not going to let the men classify me as a whore or a porn star. It makes you stronger, she says.

“I was ashamed of the clip”

In various chats, boys and men sell and buy child pornographic content on girls from different Swedish cities. The original forum was shut down, but has now resurfaced under a new name.

Many of the leaked images show victims as young as 13 years old in the images, writes Dagens ETC.

Two years ago, Bianca sent a clip of herself simulating oral sex to a guy. The person she sent the clip to was no one she knew or met in real life, but someone she connected with through a dating app.

Shortly after, she was contacted by an anonymous account on Instagram who sent her the clip and asked if it was her.

– I just deleted the message immediately. I was ashamed that the clip had leaked and already felt bad mentally.

Still getting approached by guys

Bianca is still approached by guys who wonder if it’s her in the leaked clip. The last time was two months ago.

– At first they seem like they want to be nice and tell you that the clip has been leaked. Then guys start complimenting me and asking if they can add me on Snapchat. They probably think they can get more clips.

– Once something is published online, it will never disappear. It’s hard to be reminded of it and watch the clip over and over again. But today it doesn’t affect me as much.

5,000 files were sold in the “Diamond Package”

Bianca had no idea that the clip of her has been sold and bought by guys on a child pornography platform.

Today’s ETC reveals that around 5,000 files with clips and pictures of girls could be bought for 200 kroner on the “Swedish girls” forum. Among the files in the so-called “Diamond package” was the clip of Bianca.

– I was in complete shock when I found out. It felt like they had put a value on me. It was completely disgusting, says Bianca.

If Bianca had found out about this two years ago, she would have reacted completely differently, she believes.

– I felt very bad mentally and was in extreme depression. I had suicidal thoughts and was already on the verge of trying to kill myself. I could have done that.

Now Bianca is considering filing a police report.

Horrified and recognized himself

Today’s ETC has identified 52 hanged women and girls, but the dark figure is enormous. The magazine has interviewed three girls whose leaked photos and videos have been sold and shared on the same forum.

Bianca is the only one who chooses to come forward with her name. She believes that the Snapchat clip of her is relatively harmless in the context – that’s why she can speak openly.

When she read the review and heard the other girls’ stories, she was horrified, but she also recognized herself.

– I read about them being blackmailed into sending nude pictures. It occurred to me that it has happened to me too. That guys just nag and nag until you can’t take it anymore and send pictures. The guys are very aware of what they are doing.

Bianca hopes her story can be of help to other girls and women whose photos and clips have been leaked online.

– To everyone who has been through something similar, I want to say: You are not alone. There are people you can talk to.

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Facts about the forum “Swedish girls” and the platform Discord

  • “Swedish girls”, which has now been removed and replaced by a new forum, was a forum on the chat platform Discord. There, leaked photos of teenage girls were sold, shared and traded.
  • One of the people behind the forum is a 15-year-old boy, Dagens ETC reports.
  • The forum had over 8,000 members and when it was shut down it was not because child pornography was being sold. But because they spread copyrighted material – i.e. professional porn.
  • Originally, Discord was a way for gamers to more easily stay in touch when playing with each other. Now the platform is used to build and communicate in different communities.
  • The unique thing about so-called Discord servers is that they cannot be googled anyway. To gain access to a server, you need to be invited or click through via direct links.
  • Source: Today’s ETC

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