The latest LEGO game for PS5 convinces even people who don’t like LEGO with the trailer

As part of the Summer Game Fest 2024, many new games were presented that you can now look forward to. The trailer for the new PS5 game from a major franchise even convinced players who couldn’t get on with the predecessors.

What game is this about? LEGO Horizon Adventures is the latest LEGO game for the Playstation 5. The franchise’s new action adventure is scheduled to be released on the console, as well as on the PC and Nintendo Switch, in late 2024.

The game was developed jointly by Guerrilla and Studio Gobo and will tell a story inspired by the events in the world of Horizon. Everything in the typical LEGO style and with the playful gameplay and a co-op mode that some games have already offered before.

Trailer for LEGO Horizon Adventures – Release 2024 for PS5, Switch, Steam and Epic

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LEGO games have a long history on the Playstation. On the Playstation 1, you could already control the little characters in LEGO Island 2 or LEGO City, for example. At some point, however, the video games that became particularly popular were those that were created in collaboration with another franchise, such as LEGO Marvel, LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Harry Potter.

What does the community say about LEGO Horizon Adventures? It’s probably safe to say that as a player you either love and admire LEGO games, or you just can’t get into them at all.

The announced game about the little LEGO Aloy now seems to arouse curiosity even among players who were not really enthusiastic about it before.

MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus, for example, is completely ignorant of LEGO. But even he says: I really liked the announcement at the Summer Game Fest. I don’t know what to make of the hot dog man, but the Horizon world in LEGO looks great. I’ll definitely check it out.

“That wasn’t what I had in mind”

But even in the comments (via YouTube) you can find some players who are excited about the trailer and the concept, even though they hardly expected this crossover. “For a long time I’ve been hoping that PlayStation would cut back on the hyper-realistic games and bring out more games for their silly IPs. That wasn’t what I had in mind, but that didn’t stop me from smiling throughout the trailer,” says one comment.

One user writes that he can’t believe we’re actually getting a LEGO game that looks fun. Another even thinks it’s the best game of Summer Game Fest 2024. “Seriously looks more fun than the main games,” says one comment.

Many users are now even coming up with new ideas and want their own LEGO game for each Playstation IP. Uncharted, The Last Of Us or God Of War are just a few examples from the comments. One user writes that he would even like a LEGO Bloodborne. At the Summer Game Fest 2024, more trailers were shown that you should definitely watch: Solo developer landed a viral hit on Steam at the age of 20, now he is showing his new game at the big Summer Game Fest