The last year of a 39-year-old in the fourth division: ‘Absolutely. Whether we get promoted or not’

The last year of a 39 year old in the fourth division

Kampong was still 4th grader when Daan Groot Zwaaftink made his debut in the main force. He became champion of the 4th class in 2004, and three years later champion of the 3rd class. But after the promotion to the 1st division in 2008, another decline followed: in 2011 Kampong was again 3rd division.

From 2014 it went crescendo. That year Kampong was promoted to the 2nd class. Five years later, promotion to the 1st division followed and last season Kampong became champion in that division, meaning that the team will make its debut in the 4th division this season. Kampong occupies second place in that division after Sunday’s defeat against Nuenen, five points behind leader Meerssen.