The last song of The Beatles is released: “Now and Then”

The last song of The Beatles is released Now and

One of the most important music groups in the world the Beatles The last song signed has been released as of today, “Now and Then”.

Apple Music on the page, “The last Beatles song to be written more than 40 years ago.” described as Now and ThenOne “single” as today It took its place on almost all music platforms. The song, which Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted with the following post from his official X (Twitter) account, has been awaited for a really long time. Here As reported, the lead singer of the band Written by John Lennon in the 1970s and last year Paul McCartney And Ringo Star completed by It took 45 years for the song to be finished. Speaking previously about the song, which will also be released in a music video on Friday, November 3, Paul McCartney said, “It’s a very emotional process. We’re all working on it, it’s a real Beatles record. I think it’s exciting to be still working on Beatles music in 2023 and about to release a new song that people haven’t heard.” he said. This song reportedly focuses on the voice of John Lennon, who was killed on December 8, 1980. artificial intelligence and prepared with machine learning systems, so It came to life through an important technological infrastructure.