the justice reform project has cast a chill over relations with the United States

the justice reform project has cast a chill over relations

After three months of uninterrupted popular protest in Israel, Benyamin Netanyahu finally gave in to pressure from the streets and suspended his contested project. And this is what worries US President Joe Biden, who would have preferred a permanent withdrawal of the decried text, rather than a simple suspension. The Israeli Prime Minister asks his closest ally not to interfere in the affairs of the Jewish state.

With our correspondent in Jerusalem, Sami Boukhelifa

The tone is cordial, but firm. In a series of tweets in English and Hebrew, the Israeli prime minister reframes the US president. ” With Joe Biden, he writes, we share 40 years of friendship, and our alliance with the United States is unshakable. But any foreign pressure, including from friendly countries, is unacceptable. »

This reaction from the Israeli Prime Minister comes following a statement to the press by the American President. Facing the camera, Joe Biden says to himself “pdeeply concerned about the situation in Israel, and stresses the need for a compromise “.

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This concern, now displayed at the top of the State in Washington, has been reiterated for months by various American officials, and in particular by Ambassador Tom Nides, posted here in Jerusalem.

Jewish state epidermal reactions

But each time, American fears about the justice reform, aroused epidermal reactions from the Israeli government. “ mind your own business “, thus launched an Israeli minister, a few weeks ago.

Faced with this situation, Washington, which has always supported its Israeli ally against all odds, finds itself in a delicate position. No question of going beyond verbal pressure. The military, financial and diplomatic support of the Jewish state is not in question. But Benyamin Netanyahu is no longer welcome in Washington. ” No short-term invitations are expected “Says Joe Biden.

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