the Joliba TV channel cut for two months by the authorities

the Joliba TV channel cut for two months by the

The sanction was notified this Thursday, November 3 to the leaders of Joliba TV News by the High Authority for Communication (HAC). It follows the publication, on September 30, of an editorial which expressed concern about the dangers threatening freedom of expression in the country.

It is not a surprise for us, but it is to despair of the country “, deplores, bitter, an executive of Joliba TV News. ” We had become the bad conscience of the regime, they want to bring us down », Continues this journalist, who considers that the HAC is « at the orders » and that she « serves power instead of defending the profession and freedom of expression “. The group plans to file an appeal.

The sanction is heavy: the television channel and its Facebook page are suspended for two months. The radio of the Joliba group remains authorized to broadcast, and the television channel will theoretically be able to resume its programs at the beginning of January, but it is now in the crosshairs of the authorities.

End of September, an editorial from Joliba TV News specifically called on the HAC to break its silence in the face of the dangers threatening freedom of expression in Mali. Statements considered as shortcomings » by the HACwhich also criticizes the channel for using “ expressions with a strong pejorative connotation about the transitional authorities.

Asked by RFI about this decision, the HAC did not follow up.