The iPhone 14 Pro Max at 1 euro? It is possible at SFR

The iPhone 14 Pro Max at 1 euro It is

IPHONE 14. If there is a highly sought-after and expensive smartphone, it is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Fortunately, SFR offers a solution to acquire it for only 1 euro

I’iPhone 14 Pro Max is expensive. It’s a fact, even if Apple’s latest phone already benefits from numerous promotions. Among the latter, we generally find its best price reduction on sites like Amazon or Rakuten which allow themselves to break the prices of the different iPhone models.

The lowest price on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is however available from SFR. The smartphone is currently offered there at … 1 euro. You read correctly, it is possible to acquire the iPhone 14 Pro Max for a single symbolic euro. This represents a huge saving compared to its usual price of 1349 euros!

The trick to benefit from an iPhone 14 Pro Max at one euro

To take advantage of such a price, you will simply have to subscribe to a special 5G package from SFR. The latter notably has 150 GB to accompany your new iPhone 14 Pro Max. do not forget to fill in the discount coupon available at this address to benefit from an additional promotion of 80 euros, and thus arrive at the famous promotion of the iPhone 14 Pro Max at a symbolic euro.

The best Apple phone at a very low price

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the smartphone of superlatives. Bigger, more powerful, more efficient… It has no shortage of adjectives to describe it and stands out as the phone the most advanced from Apple. The iPhone 14 Pro Max notably includes the new “Dynamic Island” notch which allows you to take more advantage of certain applications such as your music or the arrival of your Uber.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 14 Pro Max also establishes itself as very expensive. The phone from Apple was displayed at record prices when it was released, exceeding 1300 euros for purchase. Enough to encourage you to take advantage of the various promotions offered by certain merchants.