The incredible risk of a rotten tooth! It is vital

The incredible risk of a rotten tooth It is vital

The bacteremia that will occur during the intervention to the decayed teeth may cause the infection of the layer covering the inner surface of the heart and vessels, which we call endocarditis. Endocarditis is an extremely serious clinical picture that requires long-term hospitalization with antibiotics and carries a risk of death.

If dental health is not taken care of, the infectious agents that enter the blood circulation during filling or extraction of decayed teeth, sometimes even just during tooth brushing, can reach the problematic area in the heart and cause a serious heart infection. In order to prevent this dangerous clinical picture called endocarditis, individuals with heart disease who are considered risky are given antibiotics to prevent infection before dental treatments. Dentist Zafer Kazak gave information about the subject.


However, of course, the most ideal is to perform oral and dental care very well and to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. For this reason, children with congenital heart disease who are at risk for endocarditis (whether they have had heart surgery or not) and adults with heart valve disease (especially those with artificial heart valves) are told how important oral and dental care is for their heart health.