The inclusion of abortion in the Constitution: progress or symbol?

The inclusion of abortion in the Constitution progress or symbol

“In 2024, the freedom of women to resort to abortion will be irreversible”: the words are from Emmanuel Macron. On Sunday October 29, the French president confirmed his commitment to enshrining in the Constitution this freedom of women to resort to abortion. The text must be presented to the Council of Ministers by the end of the year.

Half a century after the Veil law, France would become the first country in the world to protect voluntary termination of pregnancy in its fundamental law. “A victory” for feminist associations and collectives, who still remain vigilant on the calendar.

And then there is this choice: the word “freedom” rather than “right”, which also makes some people cringe…

So, is the right to abortion threatened today in France? What obstacles exist today? Is the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution a real step forward or just a symbol?

To debate it :

  • Claudine Monteilwoman of letters, historian, honorary diplomat, youngest signatory of the Manifesto of 343 women, April 5, 1971. Author of the book My Sundays by Simone de BeauvoirAmpelos editions
  • Violaine of Filippis-Abatelawyer committed to women’s rights, spokesperson for Dare to Feminism
  • Laurence Rossignolsenator, president of the Women’s Assembly

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