The incident report from Liseberg: Stone throwing and brawls

The incident report from Liseberg Stone throwing and brawls

Published: Just now

Liseberg has withdrawn 50 conveyor belts so far – in just one month.

The incident reports during the spring show a large number of attempts to get ahead of the queues, how visitors set off firecrackers and threw stones from the attractions and at other guests.

“Departing 36 rejects three people for throwing firecrackers in the Valkyria queue trap. The parents of the 14-year-old children are contacted. Neither parent shows up,” the incident report says.

The incident reports from the amusement park Liseberg’s first open month testify to a lot of trouble – in just one day, April 23, for example, there were 12 occasions when visitors tried to push their way to the front of the queue for the amusement park’s carousels.

– This is something that we see every year, but now we have seen it a little more than before. You get ahead of the queues, you behave unruly in your surroundings, communications manager Mårten Westlund has previously told P1 Morning.

– This is about people, or groups of people, who do not follow the rules that you approve when you buy a ride product.

Liseberg has started to work with civil guards, which has not been done before, which means that you can work more proactively against the disturbance.

In the incident reports requested by Aftonbladet, in addition to a large number of fights in the queues and attempts to get ahead, you can also see how visitors have thrown stones at other visitors and behaved threateningly. Planking attempts and fiddling with riding straps are also common.

full screen Attraction at Liseberg. Photo: PETER WIXTRÖM

Some excerpts from the amusement park’s own compilation give an idea of ​​how the incidents can happen:

“The security guards called the host in the park when XX was pointed out by both guests in the queue and the staff at Luna that they pushed in front and behaved unacceptable while they were standing in the queue. XX was informed that he had his gold pass blocked and then the guards took him out of the park”.

“XX along with her friends have messed around and bypassed the queue up at Atmosfear and also thrown some bottles around in the queue. XX has also thrown stones when they rode in Atmosfear”.

“XX and his party harassed and insulted a group of three in the Atmosfear queue. (…) They also told us that they received gestures from XX’s company that should indicate threats when they said stop a number of times.”

“Civil security guard observes XX and his friend in Luna park where they are standing and throwing stones and objects at guests riding Flumerise. They have also stood and tried to get into the back of the staff at a kiosk up at Luna park.”

full screen the Liseberg rabbit. Photo: BJÖRN LARSSON ROSVALL / TT

There are also about ten alarms here about visitors doing the Hitler salute in the various carousels – and being caught on film.

But communications manager Mårten Westlund says that Liseberg’s work with civil guards has yielded results – and that the number of disturbances is now falling.

– Yes, during the last week we have seen a decrease in the number of incidents, thanks to our changed way of working. It is mainly about civil guards in the park who can avert incidents before they happen. Then points also mark some of the queue lines.