The Inari National Championship kicks off on Friday morning – the skiers face big height differences: “You might miss your mother”

Five fierce Norwegians against Iivo Niska this is how

In Inari, the last ski championship medals of the season will be decided from Friday to Sunday.

Sakari Lund,

Petra Manner

The last SC skiing of the season takes place from Friday to Sunday in Inari. The tough courses of the Games have become a topic of conversation. The height difference is as much as 160 meters, which is more. what we are used to in SM skiing.

According to the top skiers in Finland, the slopes are difficult. Can they be compared to the slopes of Lillehammer or Ruka, for example?

– Yes, you can. These are World Cup level tracks. When I went around about ten, yes there are meters of ascent there. It felt like I was skiing uphill all the way up, but there must have been some downhill too, Krista Pärmäkoski stated.

Women will get to go around Kympi Lenkki on Sunday, when the program includes a 30-kilometer freestyle skiing competition.

– I’ve only gone around the loop once and I probably won’t have time to go around it again. Fortunately, I don’t completely remember the route, so the excitement stays up, Pärmäkoski said.

Jasmi Joensuu had gone to test the vitosen track.

– It’s a good track, not impossible. There are good bends there, but they are always at the beginning of the descent and then there is a restorative descent, Joensuu said.

Perttu Hyvärinen in my opinion, the track profiles are different from many World Cup races.

– This’ is fell-style, gentle ascent. There are no steep spots. The work clips are long, but with a different rhythm than in the World Cup.

– It’s great to ski in Inari and we’ve come up with something to do for the weekend. This is a good measure of the endurance of the athletes, Hyvärinen said.

Hyvärinen also had a bet on Friday’s top ten race.

– Yes, it might take Iivo and the others will fail.

Iivo Niskanen hopes Hyvärinen is right.

– I hope it would be like that, then there would be normal skiing. But it can get tough, Niskanen stated.

Also according to Niskanen, the track profiles correspond to the World Cup level. On Sunday, fifty people will be free skiing.

– I may miss my mother myself. I’ve done so little free skiing compared to last year.

5 kilometers are rare for women these days

The women will ski a 5 km traditional race on Friday. Vitonen is a rare trip these days. Joensuu likes to travel.

– It’s a bit longer than a sprint, but clearly shorter than a sprint. That’s where the speed distribution has to be successful. I’ve never been perfectly successful at it. You have to take it easy at the beginning and you have to ski really hard for the last one and a half kilometers.

Pärmäkoski thinks Vitonen is an interesting trip.

– You should be able to ski hard, but even here the profile is so hard that you have to play the game correctly so that death doesn’t come too early.

Inari SM skiing on TV2

Fri 31.3. at 10.35 N 5 km (p)
Fri 31.3. at 12.35 M 10 km (p)
Sat 1.4. at 10:00 N message
Sat 1.4. at 12:45 M message
Sun 2.4. at 10:00 N 30 km (v)
Sun 2.4. at 1:15 p.m. M 50 km (year)