The immigrant party Nyans is getting at least one seat in the Swedish municipal council – will the party divide or unite Sweden?

The immigrant party Nyans is getting at least one seat

The Nyans party focuses especially on promoting Muslim issues.

In Sweden, the Nyans party, which was founded three years ago, especially representing immigrants, is getting one seat on the Landskrona municipal council, says Swedish television SVT (you switch to another service).

Nyans declares that he is a representative of Sweden’s immigrant population in particular and “the voice of the neighborhoods”. The party demands more affordable rental apartments and opposes segregation, i.e. the isolation of population groups from each other.

In practice, it has mostly highlighted the issues of the Muslim population.

The party demands that Muslims get similar minority rights (you switch to another service) as, for example, the Sami and Jews in Sweden have. In addition, the party wants hostility towards Muslims, Jews and people of African descent to be registered in the criminal code.

In local politics, Nyans’ emphasis on the Muslim population is highlighted. The party opposes the headscarf ban for Muslim women and proposes separate swimming shifts for women in municipal swimming halls. Nyans wants to ban the prophet of Muhammad the drawings to be made. The party wants to make mockery of the prophet a hate crime.

According to Nyans, families must be allowed to raise their children according to their own principles, and the authorities should not have the right to take children into custody without the parents’ consent.

The party leader has had a hard time

Nyans was founded in 2019 by the current chairman Mikail Yüksel. He has had to explain both his own actions and those of many of his candidates.

Yüksel used to be a prominent figure in the Swedish Center Party. However, he had to resign when information spread in Sweden that he had been active in the Turkish far-right group Gray Wolves and was about to establish its branch in Sweden. Yüksel has denied the information.

A lot of attention has been received by a former imam who was a candidate in Stockholm, who has received a three-year prison sentence for a financial crime. According to Yüksel, he has been mistreated and is a respected person in his home region. Some other candidates have also caused a stir with their statements.

Sweden’s former Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson has said that Nyans endangers Swedish society by driving a wedge between Muslims and the majority population. In his answer In Expressen magazine (you switch to another service) Yüksel assured that the party wants all Swedes to be able to live side by side. At the same time, however, he accused Sweden of turning into a “fascist state” because of the “persecution” against Muslims.