The iconic crime scene inspector ends his career after 20 years – the successor has already been chosen

The iconic crime scene inspector ends his career after 20
Axel Milberg has earned his place in the Tatort universe as Klaus Borowski. Since 2003, the typical Nordic commissioner has been investigating in Kiel. Milberg now has announced the end of his career with the ARD crime thriller. Crime scene in Kiel: Axel Milberg’s Klaus Borowski is followed by an old friend

Milberg explained to DWDL:

I have […] asked the management of the NDR not to extend our contract again and look forward to the new one. […] [Den Mitarbeitern und Kollegen] I am more grateful than I can say here. I especially want to thank the loyal audience.

After two decades of Tatort, the market has changed, according to the actor. According to the report, however, he will not stop immediately: In 2025, Borowski is supposed to solve a case for the last time.

NDR/Sandra Hoever

Milberg and Almila Bagriacik at the crime scene in Kiel

He can then know that the investigation is in trusted hands. In Milberg’s place, his TV colleague Almila Bagriacik will take on a senior role as Commissioner Mila Sahin. However, it is not yet known who will support her as a partner.

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