The Ice Hockey Federation comments on the NHL deputy boss’s outrageous statement that the Russians are wanted in the World Cup: “Completely the NHL’s own thinking”

The Ice Hockey Federation comments on the NHL deputy bosss

The chairman of the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation, Harri Nummela, has not heard that the IIHF and the NHL have discussed the participation of Russian players in a possible World Cup in 2024.

Russian athletes getting back to international sports competitions have been talked about behind the scenes in the International Olympic Committee and also openly from the direction of the NHL.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly has said that the door would possibly be open for Russian players to the World Cup in 2024, despite Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine.

– I think the Russian players would like it. We would like to involve them in some credible way, Daly said for ESPN (you will switch to another service).

– We know what kind of value Russia brings to international hockey tournaments. It would be really unfortunate for the Russian players – who have done nothing wrong – not to be able to participate in the world’s best players tournament, Daly commented on the hockey website For Dailyfaceoff (you switch to another service).

The 2024 World Cup has not been locked in yet.

The World Cup is a tournament organized by the NHL and its players’ association, in which the world’s best players participate. The last time the tournament was played was in 2016.

Urheilu interviewed the chairman of the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation, Harri Nummela, related to the topic.

How has Bill Daly’s statements been treated in the Ice Hockey Association?

– The International Ice Hockey Federation has ruled that Russian and Belarusian players cannot be in international activities. The Finnish Ice Hockey Federation also has a similar policy. The position in that regard has not changed. It is not necessary to re-evaluate these previous decisions at this stage.

– Regarding the World Cup, discussions about possible playing are held in the first phase between the NHL and the IIHF. There have been very few discussions – nothing has been agreed upon. There are many open issues on how to fit the tournament into the international calendar. There are also financial issues.

– As far as I know, there have been no discussions in the IIHF about Russian participation in the World Cup in one form or another. The exit and opening has been entirely the NHL’s own thinking.

If the tournament is organized, can Finland play if there are Russian players?

– As I stated, there is no reason to re-evaluate decisions made earlier in the IIHF or SJL – that is, Russians and Belarusians cannot participate in the activity.

What kind of discussion have you had on the subject in the Ice Hockey Association?

– On Wednesday evening, there is a meeting according to the normal schedule of the federal government. There will certainly be a discussion about this issue. As I indicated, this idea has been entirely the NHL’s own thinking. As far as I know, there have been no discussions about this within the IIHF or with the individual national ice hockey federations.

If the World Cup is held and the Russians are participating, is SJL going to somehow protest this and will Finland be left out of the games?

– The decisive thing is what happens in the end games in the international geopolitical situation. We all hope that the current situation will change significantly for the better with time.

– If the situation is what it is today, I believe that throughout the world of ice hockey, among the key international ice hockey federations, the view is uniform regarding the fact that the valid decisions will hold that Russians cannot participate in the activity.

When the World Cup starts to be seriously negotiated, what kind of atmosphere will there be regarding the organization of the tournament? How will the possible participation of Russian players be discussed?

– In my opinion, for example, the position of the IIHF is very clear. There is no reason to change previous decisions.

Two NHL games will be played in Tampere at the beginning of November, when Columbus and Colorado meet. Is SJL going to influence the fact that the Russian players of Columbus and Colorado do not come to Tampere?

– Those are events organized by the NHL, we are not the organizing party.

But are you going to affect it in any way?

– We have not discussed this so far.

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