The ICA store gives away free coffee to all customers

The ICA store gives away free coffee to all customers

In recent days, there have been freezing temperatures, snow and wind in several parts of the country. And along the roads it has been chaotic at times due to the weather, and the fact that several motorists have already had time to change to summer tyres.

The weather has affected many and those who were hoping for spring warmth with sun and outdoor seating will have to wait a few more days.

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That’s why Ica Nära in Loftahammar is giving away free coffee

At Ica Nära in Loftahammar, the staff decided these days to try to cheer up their customers in the dreary snowstorm, by offering everyone free hot coffee.

The store made a Facebook post in which they photographed a note that read: “Shit weather! Grab a cup of coffee at checkout. We invite!”.

On the counter above the note you can also see a bowl of cinnamon rolls and a bowl of cookies. And for those who don’t drink coffee, the store promises to offer free tea instead.

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Photo: Screenshot/Facebook The initiative is praised by customers

Now the store’s initiative has been praised by customers and many think it’s a fantastic idea.

The post itself has, at the time of writing, been liked by over seven thousand people and shared close to a hundred times.

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“They apparently know how to take care of their customers.”.

“What a nice initiative”.

“Imagine if all ICA traders could over speed, how many happy customers there would be”.

“Wonderful, this is cheating on your customers”.

Photo: Screenshot/FacebookPhoto: Screenshot/FacebookPhoto: Screenshot/FacebookPhoto: Screenshot/Facebook

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