The ICA shop’s sudden announcement – closing again after 50 years

The ICA shops sudden announcement closing again after 50

In 1974, the popular Ica store opened and has since been operated at the same address. But on the 31st of May, that’s over. The store will then close for good, something that shocked many customers.

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After 50 years, the popular Ica store is closing

In a post on the Ica Nära store’s Facebook, the store posted a picture of a handwritten note and wrote that the store will close again.

Dear customers: We unfortunately have to announce that: The store will be closed May 31st will be our last open day. We thank you customers for all the years that have passed. / Anders and Susanne with staff,” the note read.

The ICA store has been operating in the premises in Lesjöfors, about 40 kilometers north of Filipstad, for 50 years.

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The customers are saddened by the news: “An era is going to the grave”

Among the comments under the post, everyone is very sad about the news and many thank you for everything. Everyone says that it is very boring and that the staff always had such a nice reception, and that it will be empty without the Ica Nära store.

“Thanks for all the service over the years. Will miss you”.

“Will miss the business! But we will meet anyway. Good luck as retirees and enjoy life.”.

“Damn what a terrible and sad thank you for all the years that have passed”.

“Sad… Thanks for all the years, and to the nice staff!”.

“So sad, an era is going to the grave. Will miss you”.

“A sad day, terrible that Ica is ending”.

“So terribly sad! Always felt so welcome by the fantastic staff.”.

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Several grocery stores have closed recently

The ICA store in Lesjöfors is just one grocery store among a number of others that have closed again or are planning to close in the spring of 2024. It is a widespread phenomenon that affects many.

Among other things, Gävle’s oldest grocery store has been forced to close this spring and will instead be taken over by the food giant Tempo, which also Free Trade reported on.

The grocery store Matöppet in Landskrona will also close down in the spring, when they were declared bankrupt, which also Free Trade reported on.

And now at the end of April, Coop Väst has had to close its grocery store in Kinna in Mark’s municipality, due to poor sales, reports Mark-Posten.

So grocery stores that close are a widespread phenomenon and in recent months more grocery stores in many different locations in the country have been forced to close or go bankrupt. It is not only the smaller local stores that are affected, but also the stores of the food giants.

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