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The hunt for moles between Zemmour and Marechal LFI inspires

This second five-year term like no other is far from over, yet 2027 and its cohort of putative candidates are already moving forward. This last reshuffle with Gabriel Attal at its head – and that puts Rachida Dati back in the saddle – is a new turning point. Behind the scenes, some are learning to dodge tripping, others are familiarizing themselves with the art of conspiracy, in short, everyone is preparing for the post-Emmanuel Macron era with rigor and determination. The L’Express political department offers to help you follow, thanks to a weekly meeting on our websitethe progress of those ambitious people who hope to climb, quickly and without injury, the steps of power.

The Mayor tackles Braun-Pivet

Since the public deficit figures (5.5% of GDP) have tormented the government, each member of the majority has put forward their own proposal to replenish the state coffers. “Exceptional expenses, exceptional revenues”, argued Yaël Braun-Pivet on BFMTV on Monday March 25. The President of the National Assembly is not the only one to demand the creation of exceptional taxation, the MoDem is on the same line. But not Bruno Le Maire who persists in refusing any tax increase, including temporary ones. “When you implement an exceptional tax, it becomes permanent,” certifies the Minister of Economy and Finance. As proof, he cites the exceptional contribution on high incomes created in 2011 by Nicolas Sarkozy and still in force today.

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Borne-Darmanin, they never leave each other!

Guess who’s coming for an aperitif… On March 5, the Secretary of State for Citizenship, Sabrina Agresti-Roubache, pulled out all the stops to welcome former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne: the Republican Guard is there, in the courtyard of Place Beauvau. Before the two women sit down to dinner, the door opens: Gérald Darmanin invites himself in to share a drink with his former boss.

Maréchal and Zemmour, the breakup then the forgiveness?

Storm in a glass of water, episode 122. After the publication of an article from Point reporting a breakdown in dialogue between Eric Zemmour and Marion Maréchal, the fire in Zemmourie was extinguished. Clarification made by Sarah Knafo, in a message sent to party executives: “By participating in these articles, no one will gain anything. No one is going to say to themselves ‘Eric is a c** and Marion is great’, or ‘Marion is a c**t and Eric is great. No, 100% of readers will say: ‘Reconquête is screwed’.” Step 1: track down the moles. Step 2: Failing to unite the rights, try to bring together, at least, the base of the party: “I have a scoop for you: Eric and Marion are going to discuss all this calmly, find how to get out of this situation. sequence. Everyone is going to reconcile and overcome their disagreements today, because we have to. You, as executives of Reconquest, your role outside is to never fuel this fabricated gossip pin to sell paper.” The great forgiveness on the agenda for the Easter weekend?

Glucksmann’s pen

Confident on the eve of the European elections, Raphaël Glucksmann is stepping up his game. Proof that the candidate is looking far, undoubtedly further than the June election. In addition to his socialist friendships or that with the writer and academician François Sureau, he found his “pen” for his speeches: Milo Levy-Bruhl, new face of socialist thought. The young philosopher, researcher at EHESS, who already delivered his vision to some PS oils, also happens to be a specialist in Léon Blum. A socialist legend that Glucksmann likes to cite recently, recalling that he was the one who did not give in to the sirens of communism in 1920. See no connection with these socialists who gave in to those of Mélenchon.

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When LFI inspires Ciotti

Credited with 8% of voting intentions, The Republicans (LR) seek to exist in the European campaign, dominated by Macronie and the far right. Eric Ciotti is trying political moves to generate media interest around his list and loosen this deadly grip. He enlisted the farmer Celine Imart or General Christophe Gomart to support François-Xavier Bellamy. The boss of LR even observes with interest the offensive communication of La France insoumise (LFI). To encourage registration on the electoral lists, the party displayed the faces of media personalities suspected of being hostile to LFI, accompanied by the slogan “He votes, and you?”. With a great controversy to boot. “We like it or we don’t like it, but we talked about them for a long time,” Eric Ciotti confided in substance to an elected official. Cleaving makes you exist!

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PLM law: Woerth joins the party

While the Elysée, notably via conversations between the president and the former Sarkozy senator Pierre Charon, and Renaissance, via the group president Sylvain Maillard, are already thinking, and rather separately, about the reform of the Paris-Lyon law- Marseille (with a modification of the voting method for municipal elections in these three cities), another personality is increasing consultations on the subject, duly commissioned by Emmanuel Macron: Eric Woerth, the former minister from LR, who works on decentralization.