The highest 5G performance of the iPhone 15 family will remain exclusive to the USA

The highest 5G performance of the iPhone 15 family will

Unfortunately, Turkey is looking at the normal from afar, as it turns out, the highest 5G performance of the iPhone 15 family is again exclusive to the USA. will stay.

According to the official statement, mmWave 5G connection support of the iPhone 15 family will only be available in the USA. Countries such as Australia, China, Japan and Singapore support mmWave 5G, but Apple does not want to take this technology outside the USA yet. mmWave 5G offers very high transfer speeds over short distances, iPhone 15s outside the US Works with sub-6GHz 5G support. Of course, this connection infrastructure does not offer low speeds, and even that is more than enough for most people. As you know, even a normal 5G network has not been opened in Turkey yet. Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of TurkeyWith the statement he made on Twitter in the past months, he introduced 5G technology in Turkey. 2024 He stated that they aim to open in 2017. The Minister also said the following about this process: he said: “We accelerated our efforts to transition to 5G. Our ULAK base stations, which are currently a 4.5G base station development project, are actively used in approximately 2 thousand 447 sites… Our priority in the 5G road map will be the use of domestic and national products. “We continue to work to ensure that the critical network elements of our 5G infrastructure qualify as a “national communications product” as defined by BTK.” In Turkey, 5G technology can currently only be tested in a limited area within Istanbul Airport. The technology, which requires higher infrastructure installation for wide coverage compared to 4G, offers higher performance, but as we said above, it is still not at the desired level even globally.