The herbal formula of penis enlargement has been revealed: Mint, enlargement and…

The herbal formula of penis enlargement has been revealed Mint

The issue of penis size is a sensitive issue among men. The scientific world was making statements stating that herbal treatments would only indirectly help to a certain extent. However, with the new facts emerging now, it has been revealed that herbal treatment can work.


It has been suggested that a formula made from herbs such as sea buckthorn, whose scientific name is arctium, and peppermint extract enlarges the penis and provides long-lasting erections.

The use of herbs or plant-based products to help stimulate sexual desire and increase performance and pleasure is nothing new. A set of pills, potions, or supplements is claimed to work when it comes to boosting passion between the sheets. While some claims remain unsupported by evidence, a formula has recently emerged that has caught the attention of sex and health experts.


A special formula is said to help enlarge the penis, thanks to its ingredients containing mint extract, arctium extract and guarana. It has been stated that this formula affects the penis, helping it to grow in height and also erections last longer.


Guarana contains guaranin which provides aphrodisiac properties to increase erection power. Arctium lappa L. root has traditionally been suggested as an aphrodisiac agent, and peppermint extract is said to help increase blood flow in the corpus cavernosa.


Whether the combination of ingredients in the formula actually works on penis size remains questionable, and there is no other research that has examined all three of these ingredients. They can help separately, but as with most things, it’s important to consult your doctor before starting any new supplement or herb that claims to enlarge the penis.